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This section of the site exists for archival purposes only. I haven't worked on this since 2000, and I don't plan to again. If you've ended up here directly in a web search or otherwise, I'd consider going to Adam's site. If you're in the mood for more old software, you can see my virtual machine system used in this system.

The Unnamed 3D World System!

This is a bare-bones page, for now, to support the development and testing of the internet multi-user 3D world client/server system that has occupied my time for the better part of the last two years. It doesn't have flashy graphics. It does have extreme customizability. Want to try? You can download the client, currently only compiled for 32-bit Windows, and try it. It will run really slowly if you don't have a 3D accelerated graphics card and drivers for OpenGL acceleration without DirectX set up. Assuming you are connecting to the demo server on this machine, the first thing that you will type when you run it is: /connect

(Oh no! The server isn't up! I'm working on improving the whole system and making a showcase world aimed at visually explaining the system to potential developers. It should be up before I die.)

  • Download Win32 client
  • Download Win32 server
  • Download sources to modules used in this demo

  • Technical information

  • API description
  • More to come. Probably....

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